February 18│ Licensed anti-cancer targeted therapy B-Raf kinase inhibitor (UB-921) from Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB)
January 22│ Listing on Taipei Exchange Emerging Stock Board, code 6562
January 21│ Pre-listing presentation
December 30│ R&D Vice President Dr. Wen-Chun Peng, on behalf of UBI Pharma, accepted awards for new drug development and branding from the President
December 25│ Phase I clinical trial data of human erythropoietin UB-851 accepted by Ministry of Health and Welfare
December 22│ Human erythropoietin UB-851 entered phase III clinical trial
November 17│ UBI Pharma stock approved and started trading in over-the-counter emerging stock market
October 28│ UBI Pharma was awarded National Brand Yushan Award, and 1st Prize of Outstanding Enterprise
July 28│ Human erythropoietin UB-851 phase III clinical trial IND application submitted
June 23│ Received PIC/S GMP certificate
May 28│ TFDA approved application to rename the UBIA Hsinchu Plant II as the UBI Pharma Facility in Hsinchu
May 8│ Received pharmaceutical manufacturing certificate
April 30│ Completed biosimilar human erythropoietin UB-851 phase I clinical trial
January 23│ UBI Pharma manufacturing facility registered
January 27│ Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp. became UBI Pharma’s second largest shareholder and important strategic partner
July 31│ UBIA spun off its non-antibody protein pharmaceutical and small molecule pharmaceutical businesses to establish UBI Pharma