Chairperson Chang Yi Wang
  • Legal representative of UBIA
  • Current Chairperson and President, UBIA; Chairperson, UBI; Chairperson, UBP; Chairperson, UBIP
  • Ph.D in immunology and biochemistry, Rockefeller University; Bachelor in chemistry, National Taiwan University


Vice Chairperson Jing-Song Xu  
  • Legal representative of Formosa Biomedical Technology, Inc.
  • Current Director of Administration Operation Center, Formosa Plastics Corp.
  • Current Executive Assistant to the Chairperson, Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp.
  • Board Member/Executive Assistant to the Chairperson, Formosa Lithium Iron Oxide Corp.
  • Chairman of BeYoung international company
  • Bachelor in business administration, Feng Chia University


Board member Rui-Yu Wang  
  • Legal representative of Formosa Biomedical Technology, Inc.
  • Current Vice Chairperson, UBP;
  • Chairperson, Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp.;
  • Member of Committee of Administration Operation Center, Formosa Plastics Group; Executive President of Administrative Office, Formosa Plastics Group
  • Deputy Director and Executive Secretary of Policy-Strategy Committee of Medical Affairs, Chang Gung Hospital
  • Bachelor in accounting, New York University; MBA, National Taiwan University


Board member Shugene Lin  
  • Legal representative of UBIA
  • Current Executive Vice President of Business Development, UBIA
  • Current board member of UBIP and UBP
  • Board member of Shen Lian Biotechnology
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Academia Sinica; Ph.D in Zoology, National Taiwan University; Bachelor in plant pathology, National Taiwan University


Board member Yong-Chao Lin  
  • Legal representative of UBIA
  • Current President, UBIP
  • Ph.D, University of Michigan; Bachelor in pharmacology; Taipei Medical University


Board member Chung-Laung Liu  
  • Legal representative of UBIA
  • Current Academician, Academia Sinica; Chairperson, TrendForce Corp.; Independent Board Director, UMC; Independent Board Director, Richtek Technology; Independent Board Director, Powerchip Technology; Independent Board Director, FarEasTone; Chairperson, Macronix
  • Former professor in Engineering School, MIT; Former Associate Provost/Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Former President of National Tsing Hua University
  • Master and Ph.D. in electrical engineering, MIT


Independent board member Hsiu-Lien Chang  
  • Chairperson, Smart Catch International; Chairperson, Jin-Niou Jin; Advisor, The Bankers Association of the Republic of China; Supervisor, Institute for biotechnology and Medicine Industry; Independent Board Director, Far Eastern International Bank; Chairperson, BioWare Technology
  • Former Chairperson, Taiwan Financial Holdings and Bank of Taiwan; Former Director, The Bankers Association of the Republic of China; Former President, Asian Bankers Association; Former President, Turnaround Management Association; Former Deputy Chairperson, Financial Supervisory Commission ROC (Taiwan); Former Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance; Former Director, National Treasury Administration; Former Deputy Director, Banking Bureau; Vice Director, Department of Economic Research, Council for Economic Planning and Development
  • Ph.D. program, Stanford University; Master in Economics, National Taiwan University


Independent board member Ling-Huei Chang  
  • Chairperson, Zong-De Rong Investment; Chairperson, Hsiang Hua Investment; Chairperson, Yi Rong Fong Welfare Foundation; President, Rong Zong Investment
  • Supervisor, YPGO
  • Former Specialist, Law Research Office, Chinese National Federation of Industries; Former Director, Investment & Financing Center, Great News; Former Journalist, Department of Policy, Commercial Times; Former Writers Commissioner, Department of Economic Research, Commercial Times; Former Director, Industry News; Former Board Member, SinoPac Securities; Former Supervisor, SinoPac Securities; Former Board Member, SinoPac SITC
  • Ph.D. candidate in business administration, National Taiwan University; MBA in international business, National Taiwan University; Master in Law, Soochow University


Supervisor Chun-Cheng Li  
  • Director of Finance in President Office, Formosa Plastics Group Administrative Office
  • Elected as Outstanding Accountant by Taiwan Accounting Association
  • Bachelor in accounting, Soochow University


Supervisor Ching-He Chang  
  • Partner accountant, Hsin Hsin Accounting Firm
  • Member of forensic accounting committee, Taiwan Accounting Association
  • Adjunct assistant professor, Department of Accounting, National Chi Nan University
  • Adjunct lecturer, Industrial Technology Research Institute College
  • Master in accounting, Washington State University; Bachelor in accounting, National Cheng Kung University


Supervisor Ming-Chuan Hsieh  
  • Assistant Professor in Department of Hospital and Health Care Administration, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science; Supervisor, Taiwan Health & Wellness Counseling Association
  • Master in hospital and healthcare administration, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science