UBIP and UBIA Group implement the principles of corporate social responsibility. As a company of integrity, we:
  • recognize and constantly strengthen corporate governance ; abide by the law and ethics
  • are dedicated to creating company value and maximizing the return to our shareholders
  • provide an equal, safe and high-quality workplace with incentive programs; help employees to grow and improve
  • care for the minorities and environment; participate in carbon reduction activities
  • continually innovate to fulfill the medical need of mankind, providing safe, effective and affordable medicines
Regulatory Compliance

UBIP will always abide the law and implement the management principles of transparency and integrity.

A friendly and happy workplace

Talent is the most important asset of UBIP. The company's human resources taking into account the "body, mind, and spirit," a humane management approach, provide employees a reasonable salary and benefits, self-development and promotion mechanism in a harmonious and safe working environment. Employees are to engage in their favorite jobs and continue to create value with a sense of achievement. UBIP provides employees with the following benefit packages:

  • Special reward program: employees with high performance and seniority are recognized each year with various awards, bonuses and stock options.
  • Annual health examination to ensure the wellness of the employees
  • Benefit packages: include bonuses for birthday, wedding, Chinese New Year and other holidays, group and occupational hazard insurance, company trip, and annual banquet.
  • Internal and external training for employees.
  • Barrier-free communication channels
Talent Cultivation
  • With base in Taiwan, establish Chinese -oriented global biopharmaceutical enterprise, recruit national/international biomedical talent
  • Regular R&D meetings provide a platform for staffs to communicate, exchange ideas, and learn mutually. Experts in biomedical field are invited as guest speakers to share the latest progress in biomedical research and to broaden our knowledge and vision.
  • Collaborate with universities and provide lectures, company tours and internship opportunities to students.
  • Collaborate with the government or academic institutions for special training and future employment for advanced biomedical talent.
Culture Promotion
UBIP and UBIA Group co-built a website(http://unitedbiomedical.org)to share recent global news, encouraging articles, inspirational speeches or videos regarding science, economics, community, politics and lifestyle. Via text and music, it provides a platform to help the community and society toward harmony, goodness and justice. It also shares information regarding the need of safe and effective medical products affordable to the public and the need of improving human health and well-being.
Assisting the Government in development of Taiwan Biomedical Industry  
The company focus on development of innovative new drugs. Using our unique technology platforms, knowledge, and experience, we hope to
  • develop drugs for major diseases combining the advantages of the healthcare system and clinical research resources in Taiwan and bring us to a leading position in the global market;
  • create job opportunities in the biopharmaceutical industry to attract overseas talents to return to Taiwan;
  • raise global competitiveness of Taiwan’s biopharmaceutical industry.
Protecting the Environment
  • The company is dedicated to the pollution control and environmental protection measures:To develop sound planning for waste and sewage disposal and manage and execute by responsible team.
  • To collaborate with certified waste management companies to deal with the unrecyclable and biohazard wastes. To pay attention to the natural ecological protection: carbon reduction, recycling and caring for the earth.