About Us

Part of the global pharmaceutical UBI Group, UBI Pharma consolidates the Group’s established values and builds a strong foundation of technology and production in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, providing world-class pharmaceutical quality products. We develop innovative products such as non-monoclonal antibodies, novel small molecule drugs, and specialty injectables.

Business Philosophy and Core Values

Keep our commitments to our customers. Character and competence are our essential criteria for talent recruitment.

Continuous innovation in our business strategies, technologies, management, marketing, manufacturing, and execution with diligence.

Maintain strict compliance with the PIC/S GMP standards while providing highest quality pharmaceutical products and services.

We value diversity and respect. Sharing of knowledge and experiences help complement each other. Attentive to suggestion and understanding of others is key to reaching a consensus in a collaborative environment.

Long-term strategies ready for future development and sustainable operations on the global stage.