About Us

Part of the global pharmaceutical UBI Group, UBI Pharma consolidates the Group’s established values and builds a strong foundation of technology and production in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, providing world-class pharmaceutical quality products. We develop innovative products such as non-monoclonal antibodies, novel small molecule drugs, and specialty injectables.

Business Philosophy and Core Values

We uphold our promises to clients, prioritizing integrity and competence as the foremost factors in talent selection.

We consistently innovate across our strategic, technological, managerial, marketing, and manufacturing domains, with a dedicated focus on practical implementation.

.Our commitment to adhering to PIC/S GMP standards ensures the provision of exceptional pharmaceutical products and services of the highest quality.

We embrace diversity and mutual respect, fostering an environment where shared knowledge and experiences enrich one another. Attentive listening and understanding others’ perspectives are vital for achieving consensus within our collaborative framework.

Our long-term strategies are geared towards future growth and sustained global operations.