About Us

Part of the global pharmaceutical UBI Group, UBI Pharma consolidates the Group’s established values and builds a strong foundation of technology and production in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, providing world-class pharmaceutical quality products. We develop innovative products such as non-monoclonal antibodies, novel small molecule drugs, and specialty injectables.

Company Overview

UBI Pharma Inc. (UBI Pharma, UBIP), a spin-off from its parent company, United Biomedical Inc., Asia (UBIA), was established in 2014 at the Hsinchu Industrial Park in Taiwan. As the first pharmaceutical company in Asia (excluding Japan) that has passed the U.S. FDA inspection for its production lines of injectable products, UBI Pharma has created and developed the Long-acting Protein Drug Development Platform-Patented Polysaccharide-binding Fusion Protein technology, as well as the patented technologies for the formulation development of single chain Fc-fusion proteins and injectable protein drug products. UBI Pharma strives to develop improved biopharmaceuticals and specialty injectable drug products. In 2018, UBI Pharma went further and developed a successful business model to offer professional one-stop CDMO services, which quickly turn ideas into products by taking clients’ projects from the laboratory to the clinic.

At UBI Pharma, we not only have research experts specialized in the development and production of protein drugs and specialty injectable drug products, we also have talents across the fields of clinical studies, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical manufacturing and management. Our current capacity for injectable vial production is 11.2 million vials annually. In addition, we expanded our production line capacity for injectable vials in 2021, which is expected to increase fourfold in 2023. We are dedicated to providing timely business, technical, and manufacturing services to customers around the globe. As of June 2022, UBI Pharma has over 250 employees.