Investor Relations

Honesty and integrity, innovation and truth-seeking, quality first, teamwork, sustainable operations

Corporate Governance

Regular Shareholders’ Meeting 2022.06.30

Regular Shareholders’ Meeting 2021.06.30

1st Extraordinary General Meeting 2021.12.14

Regular Shareholders’ Meeting 2020.06.30

1st Extraordinary General Meeting 2020.11.30

Regular Shareholders’ Meeting 2019.06.27

Regular Shareholders’ Meeting 2018.06.27

1st Extraordinary General Meeting 2018.10.03

Articles of Incorporation

Procedures for the Election of Directors

Board of Directors Meeting Regulations

Organizational Charter of the Audit Committee

Organizational Charter of the Compensation Committee

Rules Shareholders’ Meetings

Procedures for Acquiring or Disposing of Assets

Operating Procedures for Endorsements and Guarantees

Operating Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties

Rules for performance Evaluation of Board of Directors