The Unique Long-acting Technology Platform Developed by UBI Pharma Has Been Granted a Patent by the United States and Canada

The Unique Long-acting Technology Platform Developed by UBI Pharma Has Been Granted a Patent by the United States and Canada


Hui-Rong Du | PUBLISHED: Oct. 2, 2019 at 11:13 a.m.Commercial Times

The Polysaccharide-binding Fusion Protein Platform is a long-acting drug technology platform developed independently by UBI Pharma (6562), and has been patented in Canada and China. Now, the company has announced on October 2 that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the patent certificate for the platform.

The Polysaccharide-binding Fusion Protein Platform reduces the decomposition rates of protein drugs in vivo based on a high glycosylation mechanism. The long-acting design of this platform was developed based on sequences naturally found in the human body and is different from the chemical modifications of general long-acting drugs. Such a design not only makes the medication more convenient, but also greatly reduces the effect of long-term medication on patients’ bodies. This design can be widely used for developing numerous long-acting protein drugs such as cytokines and hormones. So far, this design has been successfully used to develop the innovative long-acting erythropoietin UB-852.

The recombinant human erythropoietin is a protein drug produced by a manufacturing process with a relatively high technical threshold. At present, chemical modification technologies are commonly used to extend the in vivo half-life of most commercially available long-acting protein drugs.

UBI Pharma created the innovative long-acting UB-852 based on its solid experience in developing the first-generation recombinant human erythropoietin UB-851 and its patented Polysaccharide-binding Fusion Protein Platform. Preclinical studies and animal disease models have demonstrated the prolonged half-life and efficacy of UB-852. In addition, this product has greater biological activity, which is expected to produce a better therapeutic effect at a lower dose. The lowered dosages of this product will further reduce the risk of developing immunogenicity after long-term use and improve medication safety for patients.

According to UBI Pharma, the global market size of long-acting EPO in 2017 exceeded US$3 billion, and its indications include renal anemia and cancer chemotherapy. In the face of the increased incidence rates of chronic kidney disease worldwide and the needs of patients undergoing chemotherapy, UB-852 has the advantages of being long-acting and having better biological activity and safety, giving it a very promising future in the global market.

UBI Pharma’s Polysaccharide-binding Fusion Protein Platform has been patented in a number of countries with key pharmaceutical markets, including several regions and countries accounting for the largest pharmaceutical markets worldwide: Europe, the United States, China, and Japan. The total market size of the top 3 markets for EPO accounts for 50% of the global pharmaceutical market. Among them, the United States is the largest pharmaceutical market in the world, and is also the first choice for many new drugs to be listed. This platform has received patents from the United States and Canada, which not only strengthen the patent protection for this technology platform in North America, but also improve the platform’s commercial value. Further developments and collaborations on new protein drugs with this platform are expected in North America as well as the promotion and sales of UB-852 and its derivative products in the North America market.