About Us

Part of the global pharmaceutical UBI Group, UBI Pharma consolidates the Group’s established values and builds a strong foundation of technology and production in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, providing world-class pharmaceutical quality products. We develop innovative products such as non-monoclonal antibodies, novel small molecule drugs, and specialty injectables.

Top Executives

Chairman and General Manager

Dr. Chi-Hsiang Chen

Current Chairman and General Manager at UBI Pharma Inc.

Dr. Chi-Hsiang Chen previously served as the General Manager of Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp.; General Affairs Senior Vice President at Maxigen Biotech Inc.; Director at Taigen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Pharmaengine Inc. (National Development Fund, Executive Yuan representative); Director of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Program Office, MOEA; member of the VC Investment Review Committee of the National Development Fund, Executive Yuan and of the Taipei City Government Biotechnology Industries Program Office; senior consultant at Century Biotech Development Corporation; acting CEO of the Development Center for Biotechnology, Director of the Cross-Strait Biomedical Industry Collaboration Office, Director of the Industry Development Division, Research Fellow of the Microorganism Team, Director, Research Fellow and Associate Research Fellow; TPEx industrial expert for IPO review; review board member of technology projects under the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan (now the Ministry of Science and Technology), Department of Health, Council of Agriculture, and Environmental Protection Administration; and R&D Department Manager of Micro-Bac International, Inc. in Texas, U.S..

Dr. Chen graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a degree Ph.D. in Microbiology. He received his Master degree from National Chengchi University in Technology Business Administration, and Agricultural Chemistry from National Taiwan University.