Dr. Chang Yi Wang

Dr. Wang is the founder of the UBI Group. Her role has been changing as the group expands and evolves. She has been Chief Director of Research & Development of UBI since 1985; Chairperson and CEO since 1998.

After establishing UBIA in Taiwan in 1998, she has led the development and commercialization of UBITh® -based synthetic peptide products. Under her guidance, UBIA established the exclusively owned platforms for protein and antibody pharmaceutical development, manufacture, and clinical trial. Dr. Wang earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from National Taiwan University. After earning her Ph.D. in biochemistry and immunology from Rockefeller University, she served as the laboratory director of molecular immunology and principle investigator in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and lectured on immunology in the medical school of Cornell University, Sloan-Kettering Division. Because of her achievement in the fields of biological and translational medicine with over 120 scientific publications, Dr. Wang is often invited as a guest speaker to international conferences of immunology, vaccine, immunotherapy, and infectious diseases. US National Institutes of Health (NIH) granted Dr. Wang $17 million for her HIV therapeutic vaccine project and invited her to be one of the head reviewers of biodefense and allergy & immunology projects. To honor her contribution in biological medicine, Dr. Wang was awarded “The Inventor of the Year Award 2007” by New York Intellectual Property Law Association.

Board Member
Dr. Shugene Lin

Dr. Lin earned her bachelor’s degree in plant pathology from National Taiwan University. After earning her Ph.D. in animal science from same university, Dr. Lin continued with post-doctoral research at Academia Sinica. Dr. Lin’s post-doc research resulted in 8 research papers as first author and several patents. Dr. Lin was nominated for Individual Achievement Award of the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Technology Research and Management Award. From the day she joined UBI Group in 1999, she has led R&D teams. During Dr. Lin’s service, UBIA’s R&D team has received government grants for 11 projects, 3 biologic pipelines have entered clinical stage, and she leads the UBI group spin-off projects. Currently, Dr. Lin serves as Board Member of UBIA, Executive Vice President of R&D and business development of UBIA, Board Member of UBIP and Shen Lian Biotechnology, and on a review committee of scientific projects in Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Dr. Yong-Chao Lin

Dr. Lin has served in biopharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years. His experience focuses on a variety of dosage forms and formulations, including sterile injectable, oral liquid, oral immediate-release and controlled-release drug, tablet, skin patch, and capsule. Dr. Lin is an expert in US NDA/ANDA submissions, international DMF/EDMF applications, cGMP/ICH regulations from raw material to product, and FDA regulations. Dr. Lin earned his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology from Taipei Medical University and his Ph.D degree from University of Michigan. Before he joined UBIP, he served as VP of Technology Operations in Watson Pharmaceuticals, and in management positions in Syntex Research (now Roche), Eli Lilly & Co., Lederle Laboratories (acquired by Wyeth), Parke Davis and Warner-Lambert Co. (now a Pfizer company). He also served as regulatory consultant in the offices of product and manufacturing quality at US FDA. In addition, Dr. Lin owns multiple small molecular drug delivery patents.

Vice President, Research & Development
Wen-Jiun Peng

Dr. Peng earned his Ph.D degree in Virology and Molecular Cell Biology from National Tsing Hua University. He has been with UBIP since 2000. Dr. Peng established the mammalian cell protein/antibody expression technology and high-yield cell-line selection platforms. He contributes to establishing the mammalian cell-based cGMP protein biologics pilot plant, animal facility/room, and GLP-class research labs in Chubei to support the immunotherapy product development. His development group achieved success in antibody/protein drugs, biosimilars, biobetters, bio-combination products, and human/animal vaccine development. Furthermore, Dr. Peng’s team contributes to pre-clinical and clinical data analysis of immunotherapy of Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, avian flu, and other animal infectious diseases. The team received many national awards of innovation. Dr. Peng was the principle investigator of multiple Ministry of Economic Affairs projects and sub-projects with grants totaling more than NTD $70 million. Patent applications of fusion protein technology and 6 new drugs and vaccines developed by Dr. Peng are pending.

Senior Vice President, pharmaceutical manufacturing
Bai-Feng Wu

Mr. Wu joined UBIA Group in 2001. Currently he is the senior VP of UBIP pharmaceutical manufacturing administration center. Under his leadership, UBI Group received PIC/S GMP and US FDA certifications. Mr. Wu has more than 30 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, and is often invited as a guest speaker by biopharmaceutical industry associations. Before joining UBIA, Mr. Wu served as a manufacturing and technical support manager at GSK Taiwan and was promoted to Chief Technology Officer due to his contribution in strengthening GSK Taiwan’s manufacturing and development platform. Mr. Wu’s other previous experience includes manufacturing manager in Parke Davis Corporation and Warner-Lambert (now a Pfizer company), and vaccine manufacturing manager in Bao-Sheng Pharmaceuticals (a Sanofi Hepatitis B vaccine partner in Taiwan). Mr. Wu earned his bachelor’s degree in pharmacology from Kaohsiung Medical University.

Vice President, pharmaceutical business development
Dr. Yan-Ning Guo

Dr. Guo earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Tunghai University and Ph.D in 2003 in chemical engineering from the University of California, Irvine with 2 publications and scholarship, specializing in manufacturing process design and biomedical engineering. Dr. Guo is currently in charge of pharmaceutical pipeline planning, R&D management, and business development & sales. Dr. Guo joined UBIA Group in 2005, assisting peptide vaccine formulation development and quality control system establishment. He advanced UBIP’s CMC and quality system to meet US/EU requirements and successfully brought UBIA’s first sterile US-exporting injectable product to market. In 2013, UBIA received the first US sterile injectable approval in Taiwan. Dr. Guo also builds the high-quality regulatory team with experience in US drug applications and certifications. During Dr. Guo’s service in ACTS Biosciences in 2010-2011, he was in charge of new drug development, licensing in China, and strategic alliances.