UBI Pharma Expands Southeast Asian Market: Epilepsy Drug Levetiracetam Was Approved in Malaysia

UBI Pharma (Stock code: 6562) has achieved initial success in developing the Southeast Asian market. Levetiracetam, an epilepsy drug, has been approved by the Malaysian government and will be launched in coordination with distributors to expand the Malaysian market.


According to research reports from the National Institute of Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, and other units (2021), out of 16,686 survey respondents, 646 were suspected to have epilepsy. After weighted statistics calculation, it was estimated that there are 45,903 epilepsy patients in Malaysia. Market data shows that the market size of Levetiracetam in Malaysia is USD 4.18 million.


Levetiracetam Concentrate Solution for Infusion 100 mg/mL, developed by UBI Pharma, can be used for epilepsy patients who cannot take oral medication in three different scenarios, including infants (over one month old) with partial-onset seizures. Through continuous administration of Levetiracetam, epileptic seizures can be effectively controlled.


In the announcement on February 7, 2023, the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) of Malaysia approved UBI Pharma’s Levetiracetam product. UBI Pharma stated that after successfully obtaining the drug approval in Malaysia through cooperation with distributors, the company will continue to expand drug supply and introduce more products to the Malaysian market. With its internationally certified quality system, UBIP will provide high-quality injectable drugs to benefit patients in Southeast Asia.