R&D and Product Overview

We specialize in the development of high-potential innovative biopharmaceutical solutions of non-monoclonal antibodies and specific dosage forms that require an advanced level of technological capabilities.

Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals

By combining our expertise in pharmaceuticals and the robust clinical research environment in Taiwan, UBIP has developed an integrated, international-quality platform, from drug development to commercialization.

With the excellent new drug development capabilities and the extensive cGMP drug manufacturing experience. we are granted a global exclusive license to develop Raf kinase inhibitor (UB-941) by Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) and honored to make the contributions on the category of “Targeted Therapy”.

  • Target: B Raf Kinase.
  • Mechanism of Action: UB-941 Inhibits BRAFV600E Kinase.
  • Indication(s): Malignant melanoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, and other cancer cells harboring BRAF gene mutations.
  • Phase of Drug Development: Clinical Trial Phase I.

Studies have shown that UB-941 is a highly target-specific small molecule drug, which is able to selectively kill cancer cells harboring BRAF mutations, and can effectively inhibit tumor growth with low-dose administration. UB-941 can be applied in combination with genetic diagnosis to provide tailored treatments on individuals, which greatly reduces unnecessary medication and the adverse reactions of treatments . With its better safety and effectiveness than existed drugs, UB-941 is highly competitive in the global market.

The global market for Raf inhibitors as a treatment for melanoma alone has reached a value of over US$1 billion according to Datamonitor. Furthermore, the overall market value of Raf inhibitors is expected to continue to rise following its approval for new indications.